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Shooter Sunday


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This Sunday, Anti GK, Megajump

It's time for the third part of our ShooterSunday Events
This time a script will be added which will make groundkilling impossible.
We have increased the jump hight to Megajump.
Last we have added a whole new list of maps, that will be new for most of you.

Let the trickshots come in ✌️

Date : 17-05-2020
Time : 20.00 GMT+2 Click Here to convert to local time

You can register by replying to this topic with your name.
Example : "Hazy"

Maps to be played : 

[Shooter] Krazy- Hiraeth!
[Shooter] Tobster - Kamikaze
[Shooter] Nebla - Shooter Experts 4
[Shooter] Tobster - The Castle
[Shooter] Krazy ft. Pusher - Death Land
[Shooter] -WellingTon Ѡ Suspense Ѡ
[Shooter]Tobster ft Muthroad - Meth Lab
[Shooter] Krazy - Spotlight of Imagination II
[Shooter] Krazy - Hilariously
[Shooter] Zino - Jump Around Jump -II
[Shooter] Krazy ft.CrazyBoy - Sonorous
[Shooter]Tobster - Futuristic II
[Shooter] Krazy ft. Deep - Puzzle
[Shooter] Mazda ft. Krazy ft. Ruzy - Uncontrollable
[Shooter]Tobster-Breakable III

Might people want to donate some greencoins for the top 3
Let us know in this topic aswell!!

Total Amount Donated : 39k

1st : 15k
2nd : 10k
3rd : 7k
4rd : 3k
5th : 2k

List of Donators : 

@Cena : 15k
@Maher : 10k
@Dubby : 5k
@Hazy : 5k
@Quick : 2k
@Civan : 2k
Registered so far


Sandro (maybe)
Maher (maybe)
Selim (maybe)



Edited by Hazy
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Results of the ShooterSunday pt. III Event

You can see the prize that players have won at the bottom of the image, there you can also find who pays who.
(Might you rather transfer your donated greencoins to me, so that i can pay the winners, thats also fine, let me know)

We were lucky Kneelzy had 45 minutes of internet connection, so he could win the event.
Sadly, he then had to go back into the space time continuum in his everlasting mission to save the earth.


Keep an eye on this Topic, there's more coming..


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