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Player blocking and ramming on race


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  1. FastBOT
  2. torpedo and his another nick PeacefulTerrorist25
  3. Which server are you requesting this?  Race
  4. Not follow cp and ram racing people. He say "do the rules say i should follow cp? i can freeroam on my own"
  5. att screens
  6. att2 log
  7. [2020-07-04 14:22:06] [Output] : [MIX] KoM|jpap> ?
    [2020-07-04 14:22:10] [Output] : ? Quit: torpedo left the server.
    [2020-07-04 14:22:15] [Output] : [RACE] LFS|BOT.exe> torpedo here blockinf
    [2020-07-04 14:22:22] [Output] : ? Joined: PeacefulTerrorist25 (Hungary) joined the server
    [2020-07-04 14:22:25] [Output] : [RACE] LFS|BOT.exe> bad for ip pls he left
    [2020-07-04 14:22:32] [Output] : [RACE] LFS|BOT.exe> ban*
    [2020-07-04 14:22:38] [Output] : [RACE] PeacefulTerrorist25> no
    [2020-07-04 14:22:43] [Output] : [RACE] PeacefulTerrorist25> he called me a retard
    [2020-07-04 14:22:47] [Output] : [RACE] LFS|BOT.exe> i have screenshoots
    [2020-07-04 14:22:52] [Output] : [RACE] PeacefulTerrorist25> i have log
    [2020-07-04 14:23:02] [Output] : [RACE] LFS|BOT.exe> u are retard
    [2020-07-04 14:23:35] [Output] : [MIX] KoM|jpap> report
    [2020-07-04 14:23:36] [Output] : [RACE] LFS|BOT.exe> he nnot follow cp and ram the 1,2,3 rd places
    [2020-07-04 14:23:39] [Output] : [RACE] PeacefulTerrorist25> ?!?!?!?!
    [2020-07-04 14:23:47] [Output] : [RACE] PeacefulTerrorist25> man
    [2020-07-04 14:24:00] [Output] : [RACE] PeacefulTerrorist25> do the rules say i should follow cp?
    [2020-07-04 14:24:08] [Output] : [RACE] LFS|BOT.exe> yes this is race
    [2020-07-04 14:24:10] [Output] : [RACE] PeacefulTerrorist25> i can freeroam on my own
    [2020-07-04 14:24:18] [Output] : [RACE] PeacefulTerrorist25> theres no problem with my actions
    [2020-07-04 14:24:23] [Output] : [RACE] PeacefulTerrorist25> once i fail i skip cps
    [2020-07-04 14:24:26] [Output] : [RACE] PeacefulTerrorist25> and go further
    [2020-07-04 14:24:29] [Output] : [RACE] PeacefulTerrorist25> to practise
    [2020-07-04 14:24:29] [Output] : [RACE] LFS|BOT.exe> will se
    [2020-07-04 14:24:37] [Output] : [RACE] PeacefulTerrorist25> ur a crybaby
    [2020-07-04 14:24:37] [Output] : [RACE] LFS|BOT.exe> i go forum
    [2020-07-04 14:24:42] [Output] : [RACE] PeacefulTerrorist25> go forum
    [2020-07-04 14:24:50] [Output] : [MIX] KoM|jpap> speak in ur own chat please
    [2020-07-04 14:25:01] [Output] : [RACE] PeacefulTerrorist25> why
    [2020-07-04 14:25:10] [Output] : [MIX] KoM|jpap> because you are in the same server
    [2020-07-04 14:25:20] [Output] : [RACE] PeacefulTerrorist25> what if i go to mix
    [2020-07-04 14:25:35] [Output] : PeacefulTerrorist25: why u wanna ban me
    [2020-07-04 14:25:52] [Output] : PeacefulTerrorist25: u wanna scrap?
    [2020-07-04 14:26:02] [Output] : PeacefulTerrorist25: in budapest?




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what are these pictures, they dont prove anything else than i got rammed in the first picture and i was about to picture in the second one, and i told you, when i fail i skip some cps cus i want to get better and better, and sometimes i have wheel-to-wheel fights with other players, sometimes ending up in rams, but thats not my fault, this game is old, and its hitbox is very very weird so yeah, i dont mean to fuck anybody up but to race

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the first one was his fault, i was writing and he fucking rammed me, then i tried to turn, but he hit my ass so i turned to the back (it was not my fault)
and the second one was just due to my cat, she fell down my table and i got scared and pressed a so i rammed him, i feel sorry for that, but he was trying to get rammed (he couldve avoided)

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Ah, this guy.. it's hard to forget these types. He was ramming, blocking, swearing. Also is racist, disrespecting and mock the religion and nation. Basically annoyed everyone. Then he left for a moment and changed his name to like "An*lHardcore". Disturbed few people more, then finally left the game. I demand a ban that he will never be able to play in mr.green gaming.

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