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V4POR - Map Manager Application


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Game: MTA

Server: Race

Age: 23

Country of origin: Hungary

Discord name: V4POR#7651

In-game name: V4POR


Hi everyone!


Since even Dziny had enough self-confidence to make an application, I thought that I may can try luck,too.

I'm an active player on race server since June 2018.Over the 2 and a half years,I've came across every maps,and judged what maps I like and what I don't.

I'm not a well-respected player,but as a proverb says: "Hope dies last."


First of all, my goal is not earning power, but rather improve the gameplay of the server,and that could be done well by managing one of the core elements of the server, the maps. I don't prefer being a lighthearted map manager like the previous ones, and I will take this role seriously. It doesn't mean that I would start sweeping the maps the first days I would reach the position,but I think maps are a form is of art like music, books, movies, games etc. These form of arts can receive both positive and negative critics, so in my opinion maps also deserve that care like the other arts.


I know that within MTA, MrGreen is the home of unique maps,and unique features, and I don't want to take this title away. But it doesn't mean that a map being unique means it's good. Sadly,there are many occasions that maps failed to be entertaining and good-quality. 

These maps doesn't attract players,but rather makes them quit, and sadly quit doesn't always mean temporary.

I think with good map managing, MrGreen can get back more players just like back of the days. Green can still be like what it is,but with GOOD unique maps.


But what I mean by filtering maps?

-Outdated maps should be removed,at least some of them. The differences between them and well-made/new maps are critical, and it just feels much better to play a well-composed map,then playing a 12 year old Pachanga map just because nostalgia. Also,new maps are coming on a weekly period,so there are far enough maps to replace them. As you guessed,I would delete most of Pachanga and (O)_(O) maps,cause they are way too much and there are way more better maps then theirs.

-Fustrating maps. I think you know the situation when someone buys an insane difficulty map,and you have no chance to finish it. Yeah,with training you have better chance to finish harder maps,but there are still some that simply cannot be finished because few players mastered it,and you couldn't even progress further than your best progress. I think that's not to right way to handle the remaining 95% players. I can hear the most selfish and childish opinion that says: "You're just too noob to finish." And sadly this mentality kept many horrible maps to still stay here.

I don't think we need maps like ChmrlHard, TryHarder, I wanna find my destiny and race-besiktas. These maps can damage many player's reputation of the server.

-"Press W" type of maps. It's kinda self explanatory,but sometimes I come across some really plain maps, which have minimal variety. A pile of coaster maps and falls into this category,and I also think that these maps are topped maximally,so we can may remove some of them.

Overall,these are the 3 main problems that I want to correct.


But something "positive": 

If I'm testing a map,I would not judge them strict,except that they are glitchy, lag-causing or Dziny level of bad.

I would trust the new maps to players,and if the reputation of the given map isn't good, then I would remove it.



And an another phenomenon that I would measure or at least pay attention to it. It's a recent thing that I call the Nostral-problem.

It's an occasion when a player choose to getting huge advantage of map buying function and "spamming" the server with less-liked maps. Since every player has a right to buy the map he/she wants, I don't wanna change at this,but I would increase the price of extreme difficulty maps and maps that last more than 10 minutes.

I think it would be fair. Especially now because that Nostral guy thinks that he owns the server by having VIP and buying the same maps every single day,and most of the times giving no chance to other players.Which makes players get tired of it with good reason.


Another thing I want to remind is also a recent problem. Some maps are "kicking" players and they cannot rejoin. I would skip those maps if there are no more solutions, so they can rejoin comfortably, and wouldn't have to wait minutes to reconnect.


I hope there will be at least one person that agrees with my points.

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Just correcting a word.
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I have two indicate which i want divide

1. I know your mentality and propably will you delete all maps which you called shit. I wouldnt make mrgreen as second ffs understand thats  server has more shit map but i treat it as challenge for me normal maps are boring but its only my opinion

2. we have as map manager Nick koolaid and Santii and rather this server no need more players with these rights

anyway gl in your app

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1. I don't want to make second ffs server. I would keep many special maps (yoshi,classic nts,coremarker,zhyll,pondfiller,some tesla's etc.), I would only delete boring/unenjoyable maps (pachanga,yoyo,face maps mostly) and also maps that are in the category overly fustrating and maps with huge dislike amount.

2. I also think that are far from enough admins and moderators on this server, and players still make admin/mod applications frequently, so why is that a problem if I make a map manager application?

Also,the current map managers think in a slightly or a completely different way.

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half pachanga maps are good at least it is my opinion and i saw as you react on other for example offroad maps sorry but i couldnt trust you and second for me players with map manager role isnt that important as people with moderator or admin rights and as good remember you arent even moderator so i dont know if you have chance be map manager but maybe Im wrong Cena decide about this ,I havent influence for final decision anyway as said before good luck 

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I don't agree with your statement with Pachanga and I actually like offroad maps, I think you mixed it up with bike maps.

I still find map manager role more important than moderator/admin.

My low chance isn't because that I'm not even a moderator. It's because most admins don't have a positive opinion/experience about/with me.

Anyways, thanks for sharing a honest,but competent opinion, unlike Kash and Mosh did.

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I don't like SH, I don't hide this secret.

Cutting this and paste this into an application wasn't really a smart idea from you,since I've seen many stuff members posting worse messages than this. It's like I'm taking a taking a screenshot from a message from Military when he did rage about something,and post the picture to his application.

Also,this role was meant to be for race server,I wanted to do nothing to mix.

Regarding the fact you posted this,I hope you won't make it to admin.

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3 hours ago, V4POR said:

Cutting this and paste this into an application wasn't really a smart idea from you

Contact me for full screenshot😉

Being map manager  i think requires  high skills on choosing  right maps   for different tastes of players, i'm not  a ''follow checkpoint player''  but looks  ridiculous  for me if   someone   make changes  with his  own  hands for a group of  players which are used to play with our maps, of course we will have new  maps but you cannot change originaI maps like Pachangas or  Fantomican yoshis  i was grown with these maps and i won't let  a  guy join us and  deletes them because he is struggling to win them, about screenshot you don't  have to be negative  dont't liking SH okay i understand you  but this doesn't mean you have to say  such a word c'mon man  Map Manager role is way important than other roles. I don't know race server as much as Mix but for sure maps will get worse if your hands ''Dive On''

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"Full screenshot" I was on mix for like 1 minute,and did a ragequit,you can see that I've quit. So the mocking didn't actually work.

My words were not nice I know,but it was caused by rage,it doesn't mean that you should post it to my topic. I feel like that it was just a campaign to degrade me.

I don't comment the other parts,because I think you haven't read my app.

Btw, 3 minuses,looking good.

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