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Bugged IP Servers

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6 hours ago, DzinyMaster said:



EEEE when it will be fixed because there is a bug that shows all the time because there is a bug that shows all the time Mrgreen 🔧 

Ciken already said him and Lucker are looking into dynmap and it takes a little while, they got jobs and other things, so just WAIT! It be fixed when they get time, what you seem to have lots of, so why not go help them than making topics stating it

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44 minutes ago, V4POR said:

Offtopic, but the fact that the most punished player from the past 1 year period somehow carries the forum (he posts usually 1 topic about some shit/week + probably he has the highest forum rank) blows my mind.

Its mostly dislikes add to rep sadly

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