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Aye, you little pirate!

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Hello fellow Minecraft pirates!

Since a long time ago, players all over the world battled with each other in a game called Minecraft! The plugin was called: Faction Wars, but this is a story so the players don't know they are in a game! They battled, to gain resources, loot, and precious booty, and women! There were 2 factions. One called Left4Green, containing noble gentlemen (and some real Compton OG's), who thought honesty was very important in a society as they lived in. Then you also had Scourge, the barbarians who were up to no good!

Over the past 20 years some resources have disappeared, and it's up to you to find them...!

Many people were believed to have stolen the booty, but none of the suspected persons were proven as a pirate! Now, I gave you this map to show where all the treasure disappeared to give a clear sight of our situation land lover! This chest contains resources, mostly from Scourge. I might add that these screenshots are outdated... (the real chest contains even more diamonds, so you'll shit brick)


Poor Baconeer Minky was pointed at at first, but I myself must say he is not guilty! I will admit he's a simple land hoe, but he's not up to naughty things (the santa mailed back, he confirmed). Not even the holy saint Vegejesus is guilty, who was backstabbed by the society of barbarians called "scourge".


Vegejesus - being a very nice man - got nailed to a cross for the sins of all factions during the faction wars. He was believed to be a thief, and a ruthless killer, while he was not more than a very nice husband! Not a single member of Scourge was not part in this betrayal...

Now I guess you little pirates want to begin treasure hunting! But it's unfortunate that this chest is for anyone who finds it! That could be Scourge, or some lucky xrayer who disabled Nether blocks from his texturepack, or just a lucky person like BlueYoshi97 (who is unlucky because Java sax).


About the clues... The chest could be anywhere or at any point... This video may or may not actually contain useful information to the ones paying attention to it. Listen, and look closely, and you'll learn more about the place where and how it's hidden! If you land hoes take too long I will give hints to a random Dutch nolife minecraft fuckaneer, and then he finds it!

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Ok, I assume this is a Minecraft contest.

Did you even read the thing? It's a treasure hunt for the lost treasures of Scourge.

From the moment someone pastes a screenpicture with him dragging of his diamonds then it's a contest :3

We (Discord) don't need that shit, we got a lot more diamonds from some duper dude :3

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From the moment someone pastes a screenpicture with him dragging of his diamonds then it's a contest :3

We (Discord) don't need that shit, we got a lot more diamonds from some duper dude :3

I gave all the contents of my /chest to MrTurboTrio, before heading of to Mr Green ZS forever.

Yes, we now got 3*64 DIA blocks tough ...

Thanks to a silly dude wondering of in the desert

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