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Gameserver: [EU] Mr.Green CSS | Surfing| left4green.com


Country of origin: Northen ireland (part of uk)

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

My real name is Aaron in my spare time i like to socailise and have some acholic beverages! But im usually in house playing counter strike source! i usually play a good few hours a day to around 20 hours a week. I feel i would be a good admin because i think im decent and a nice friendly person.I have before run my own clan and two servers and i have resonable experiance being a admin from doing so. I would not be one to admin abuse as it is quite childish and i just want to keep the peace with in the server =D. I have been playing for a good couple of years now around three-Four i think i have grown quite good but am still not the best :P . I play on the surf server quite alot as i have grown to love surf and i want to try the surf_mr.green map but have missed it everytime its on! :(

please get back to me! Nismo (Aaron) :)

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Aren't you too young to drink Alcohol?

i am legally yes !!... Im not an alcholic tbh i just go to some pub's and clubs that i can get into lol so i can meet new people do new things.. I also am a also a keen fisherman :) i find it very good for training my patiancents and its just the best when you get one in after a 30 min fight :)

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