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Unban appeal for MomoTheMermaid!!!

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my ign is MomoTheMermaid and i was banned for xray. okay so I had xray (this is November last year) and i do believe i had just started using the server when one of my irl friends was banned for xray, so i never used it on the server. i use it in single player only at the moment and i'm thinking of getting rid of it as it has got me banned from many servers and its just plain annoying. my xray key used to be e but that caused me a lot of problems so i changed it to v and since my inventory key is b i do that a lot too. if i am unbanned i will force update and get rid of it and then you can see if i do it again (which i wont) it wouldnt be an accident. you also banned all the real xrayers that were in my faction so you wont be seeing anyone in my faction with full diamond armor. please give me another chance, this is an epic server and i know so many people on it. thank you for your time :)

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