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sert man

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name: sert man ([z.s.p.]sert man)


date of birth: 12.june.1995

About me : well i love to play pc i used to play for up to 12 hours but know not much , i would like to be admin not for there power but to help others on the server.It does not really matter if im admin or not just hope that all players have fun.

I do not know what you will choose but whatever it is its ok with me.

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just what mr.green server do you apply for. :huh: it just says mr.green

oh i play on the zombie zuvival one, well iused to spend hours playing but the ping limit is kicking me evry secound

I haven't seen you on very often.. you new?

sorry for two posts

no im not new ive been playing since a long time but in the summer the server was not cracked anymore so i bought gmod in october.

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ok...sertman disappoints me again. i think you have to leave the clan again.I cant understand why you have to cheat...but nevermind...its over. Thanks to Hobo for the information. Sertman is referenced.

Chainsawman, keep in private. I think we were some guys who learned that with EU and ICIP.

Just a heads up

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to all who want to know chains plan:

the plan was chain trying to help EU up again by telling me to help.I was wanting to say a fake thing to make him lose all his freind (or what ever it is he might lose) so dont think he was doing somethng wrong.Chain im I sorry couldnt control my self;I was so mad(i dont want to go back to the clan just wanted to apologize).


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