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Messy Gmod

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Yeah, they are updated, but it always pop up before I am trying to launch a game such as L4D or Episode 2 or TF2 that my video driver is outdated. I have already updated, but it still shows up. I don't have this error in any other game than Gmod, and for the moment it's fixed.

It seems like this is happening when I have installed any kind of new model/ragdoll into Gmod.

Damn, I want a new computer.

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Weird, never seen this kind of weird screens. :P

Maybe you have a brand graphic card and you download the wrong driver like asus has its own drivers that are more outdated than the ones on the nvidia site, same goes with ati. You should always download the drivers from the chipset and not your brand [i had a asus card that had really oyutdated drivers on the site]

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