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Mr. Green Gaming

I'm leaving for 2 months.

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Hey everyone, due to recent events in my life I'm forced to dispose of my computer.

This is what's happening:

My PC (which is incredebly crap -ish has good RAM), my father's company needs a PC with RAM.

My PC is going to my father's company which needs a RAM capable PC. In 2 months time, I will get a new PC with an epic GTX 295 + Quad Core + 6 Gb RAM.

To all my fans out there

(Had to say this)

There might be a ghost of me on the forums,

Looking at you all (on my schools computer)

I'll miss everyone.


Sneed, Cat, Frog, Error, Killzone, Crowbar, Danni, Danny, Wolf, Reddy (Redgord), Ywa, Clavus, Aiur, Kermin, Deluvas, Karlicious, Moo and a few more.


On the other hand, more chances to become admins.

Lucky you! :P

..Oh and Bean!

PS: This is no showoff, just so some people know.. meh

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