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Zombie Survival 2.0: Advanced

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This is for the people that want to know some more advanced stuff. I'm gonna try to put stuff here that isnt needed to play ZS, but learns you some more so you know some things others don't. Well unless they read this to. ;P

Chat Fun Stuff

- Over 9000
- Leerooy
- Zombie
- Hack
- Get down
- Run
- Headcrab
- burp
- damnit
- this is sparta
- open the door
- ok
- lets go
- help
- nice
- incoming
- watch out
- oh shi
- freeman
- get out
- pills

Ranks: This shows you what you get at each rank:

Rank:0: USP, Keyboard, Hammer
Rank 1: Plank
Rank 2: P228
Rank 3: Kevlar 1
Rank 4: Medkit
Rank 6: Torch
Rank 7: Pack of nails
Rank 11: Mobile Supplies
Rank 13: Adrenaline
Rank 14: Speed Boost
Rank 15: Grenade
Rank 16: Handy Man
Rank 17: Upgraded Nails
Rank 19: Fall protection
Rank 21: Kevlar 2
Rank 22: Medical Pack
Rank 24: Comeback
Rank 25: Turret
Rank 27: Poison Protection
Rank 28: Remote
Rank 30: Turret Power
Rank 31: Turret Durability, Explosives
Rank 33: Turret ammo pack
Rank 34: Medical Efficiency
Rank 35: Enhanced Kevlar
Rank 37: Plank tool
Rank 39: Plank amount
Rank 40: Freeman
Rank 43: Plank hp
Rank 45: Pot
Rank 50: Mini Turret

Rank 55: Axe

Rank 65: Classic pistol

Rank 70: 5-7



How to survive a round


1. Go easy on ammo, you will need it later on
2. aim slightly above the head, this will increase your headshot chances
3. Buy advice: ( Average Round)

- after Wave 1: Ammo, Refill tool
- after Wave 2: Ammo, refill tool
- After Wave 3: Buy better pistol, ammo
- After Wave 4: Refill tool
- After Wave 5: Buy primary, ammo
4. Always double cade: Nail another prop behind the cade.
5. When you hear bullets bounce off a zombie: STOP shooting, there is probably a sound shield
6. Dont shoot zombines, they only take away lots of ammo
7. Stick with a small group. Zombies will almost always go for the biggest group
8. Try to keep each other alive.
9. Hope for the best.


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