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I'm a active player on CS:S, and i have played a lot on mr.green Surf server!

It is a great server to play on :)

I'm 16 years old Irl, and i live in Norway :D

I have much experience to be admin.

I have a good sense of humor, and I'm very Social with people.

But now i was wondering if i could be admin on this server? (CS:S Mr.Green Surf server)

I have seen a lot of idiots and cheaters on the server, but i'm getting angry, because i can't do anything about it. The Worst things i hate in CS:S is cheaters, and ofc. People that act childish!

PS: If you need my steam account, Add me: Reconshooter ^^

My Nick on CS:S is Fcuk

Thanks for taking your time for reading this!

So i hope i could get a positive answer on this request :) :)

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