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Survival ban appeal

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6. Hi, I have a huge favor to ask you. Can you unban me from this server because i tried going on this server a few minutes ago and apparently i`m banned. I went on the forums and apparently i was caught speed hacking. I apologize for this action because this is a shared account between two of my friends in real life. I did not know that he used hacks and he never told me this. Soon after i noticed i was banned, i talked to my buddies and they both know that i have been suspended from the server, and one of them said they did use a speed changer.I never knew he was using some kind of Sonic Hedgehog - running fast hack. I am the host of the account because i bought every single game on the account. I am willing to change my password if anyone of my buddies continue to cheat. I have met good people on that server and we have fun together surviving and chatting. I trust my friends and i know they will not hack again, because i was pissed off because i was banned from one of my favorite servers in garrys mod. If anyone reports me about cheating or hacking, you can ban me for reals. I do not use hacks and i wish to join the server.

I really do hope i get unbanned from this server because i really do enjoy playing on it.

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