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Applying for admin: Sateaapje


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Gameserver:[eu] MR-GREEN surfing server of CS:Source

Age: 18

Country of origin: The Netherlands

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

well im 18 from a lil town near zaandam in the netherlands

i like playing games in my free time and also like outside activity's like sailing on my boat or just cruising around in my car

im a sous-chef in an restuarant near my home so ill be online most off the time at midnight or later in the morning, because i have to work most off the time at daytime

if you wanna know more off me just ask me in-game or e-mail me

i am fit off becoming an admin because im known with making decisions of whats wrong and right

ive been an admin for 1 year on bf1942, bf 2 and bf2142 because i was on the staff team of an gaming community,

im a social player, i dont really lose my cool allot, and if i do ill step away cooldown and try and solve the problem on an mature and normal way, well dont know what to tell more.

well have a nice day.

Frank aka Sateaapje :P

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