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xwind72x Hacking


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At 2:23 you could see the name extra large, that's not from zan's minimap, that's from a client.

EDIT: You just reported yourself.

Bro what the fuck are you talking about? It's not even from a client first of all, its a mod which is quite similar to the Dynmap Plugin. Even covered by DrMinky and Ywa, only mods that allow an unfair advantage (Like X-Ray or a hacking client are forbidden) That thing you saw said "TheMonkey's Base & End Portal". Wow you must be really retarded, bitch.

Edit & Proof:

Just don't use anything that gives you an advantage. Radars and things like that sort of fall under this rule too but since they're not too much of an issue, I condone them.

Your ass is banned once you install cheats though. Like the current 240+ players banned for xray use.

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