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GC Refund

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Hey peeps, as we all know ZS 2.0 has been released and every1 is enjoying it alot (including me). I just have one remaining issue which hopefully can be resolved. Before the updatw I had purchased quite a few perks with my GC, but once the update occured, all of the perks were gone (except lady luck) and so wer my greencoins. Now as you can see this sucks, especially since I donated 20 euros to the server whilst ZS 1.0 was active. I was content to just grind a nd get some more gc but its taken so long so I just wanted to ask if my GC could be reinburst. At least for the ones which I used real money for.

ITEMS BOUGHT (no refund)

Quick Redeem (6 brain redeem perk)

Quick Cure(i think its called) (30 hp regen perk)

Horse Health (40 hp regen perk)

Adrenaline (100% run speed at all health levels)

if I remember any more ill add loool

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I bought out the zs green shop before, and now I have bought it out again in 2.0.

The items/perks are still within the zs gamemode, just disabled, until NECROSSIN decides how to go about refunding or changing.

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