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jacobpetre123's Moderator Application - Lef4green's Minecraft server

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IGN: jacobpetre123

Age: 13

About me: I'm a Legit Minecraft player who is all against hacks, I've been on Left4green for about 3 months now and replaced it with my old faction server.

why would I like to be a Moderator: I would like to be a Moderator because there is many hackers on this server, I've seen alot of people Using x-ray, kill aura and many more, unlegit hacks.

What makes me a good Moderator: I have owned multiple servers (Different kinds of course) And I am very skilful in catching people using x-ray, I also Welcome new players as I like being a part of the community and helping other's out.

I hope you all accept my application, thank you.

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