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I was playing yesterday, and tryied logging on today,

You are banned from this server.


What did I do, I was doing anything bad, yes I went on a rampage and killed some people but its all on record as I was recording it for a video so I didnt use any hacks. Im completly confused and want a refund as this is people just a mistake.

I killed a guy via him pvp relogging and got dia armour from that, but you cant ban me for that, thats not xray?

I have also brought loads of popularity to this server via making loads of videos for itunes and I have bought quite ALOT of popularity to it. This isnt me begigng you to unban me, its just a reason why I should be unbanned because

1) I didnt do anything

2) I bought popularity to this server?

I would at least like an explanation to why I was banned, theres nothing on the forums to do with it so there isnt any clear evidence so this IS a MISTAKE!

Thank-you now can you please un-ban you,

My IGN is: Bones112

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