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[Administrator Application] Circa


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  • Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas.

  • Seventeen, turning eighteen in summer.


  • Tallinn, Estonia [GMT+02:00].

  • I don't currently possess a steam community profile as I don't seem to have a need for it.


  • Neither I do have a Minecraft account, I have never really been appealed by this game.

  • I have never really been very good with describing myself, so I will make this brief enough. My name is Tanel, I am seventeen years old and I am currently in the process of ending eleventh grade in high school. I don't have many hobbies in particular, because I never really had the time to pick up any hobbies. In the other hand though, I am having interest towards all sorts of machinery, laws, economics and agriculture. I started up playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas when it was first launched and I had completed single player atleast nine or ten times before finding out about the multiplayer feature. I instantly started up playing in some random racing servers in Multi Theft Auto, but I didn't have that much time back then. Afterwards, I moved on to San Andreas Multiplayer and started roleplaying, which I have been doing for the last three and a half year almost in various different communities, such as Los Santos Roleplay, True Roleplay and IBP Roleplay. Now as the exams are upcoming and I am starting to have even less free time for gaming, then racing seems like an ideal thing for me to cool down from the daily stress, which is why I also decided to apply for the administrator position in this racing community.
    Moving onto the reasoning why I should be fit for the position in hand - I do personally believe that I possess all the necessary qualities that you're looking for from an administrator candidate. I am a hardworking and an active player who is willing to spare his free time on others welfare. Secondly, I am adecvate and able to make accurate judgements on people who are rulebreaking in this server that I will be moderating. Thirdly, I have previous experience with such positions - I have been apart of staff teams in various roleplaying servers, either is it an administrator position or a tester position. During my time being apart of the staff team, I have been also leading and been a member of mapping team(s) in those servers, which could be useful in Mr. Green racing server as well by constructing race maps. Last, but not least, I consider my English skills fairly fluent and understandable, which can be also good whilst being an administrator - I am required to be like the ambassador of this server, my actions and behaviour will reflect back to the server.
    Hopefully this application will be considered and if necessary, I can add few more paragraphs to it. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

(PS: I am going to register myself into your mIRC community right away.)

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I am sorry, but I am forced to withdraw my administrator application at this time.

Reasons are following;

  • I am going to have two quite difficult exams on 30th May and 4th June 2012.
  • I am going to leave the country for the whole summer on 6th June 2012.

Exams are upcoming and it's a fairly difficult period for me, after that I am required to leave country and work abroad. I will re-post this application whenever I decide to return and fully dedicate myself to Multi Theft Auto again.



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