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Can i please just be given a second chance

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Ingame name Lonesome_Drifter

Banned for: Xray

Date: Not sure

Banned by: Some kind of Plugin I think

This ban is completely unfair, I was banned for Xray modding just for finding a lot of diamonds, I dont understand how I could have been banned for that, I have been playing this server for a while now and I would have never hacked on a server I love, or any server, period. I see people with several stacks of diamond that dont get banned, but I get banned for finding 20 diamonds and making my friend a bit of diamond gear? I dont have enough money to go buy another account, the best I could do is offer to donate a few bucks, but I just dont have 32 dollars to be wasting on a game I have been playing since alpha stage.

please just think this over and be fare, I never once hacked and I never would, If anything put me on some kind of probation period, and if the xray hacking plugin bans me again than you would know I am lying. Please just give me one chance this is my favorite server and I have put a lot of hours into it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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