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ban protest


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Today is 15/05/12

My minecraft name is HAZ4281

two lads came down a ladder in our base we noticed them from there name tags, i had blocked them in i chucked in a poison potion and broke away a block and began to hit them whilst they were trapped when suddenly it said banned for x-raying or similar mod.?

i don't think it was possible i was hacking i have only ever used mo-creatures mod which involved changing my .jar but i had to update to go online which i assume changes my .jar to a normal one with no hack or xray.

Is this some automatic ban plugin that maybe thought i was x-raying and kicked me or was it an admin. I was with two friends findablin and niall123 at the time, who im happy to rely on that they would agree i was not hacking. I read xray bans are perminant and so i wish to resolve this confusion as i was enjoying your sever and wish to re-join,

ps im happy for you to test my player for hacks i dont know how but you must have a way or inspect my minecraft.jar or something like that.

thank you for reading and sorry for any confusion

p.s. i will attach a screen shot of my log in screen post-9444-0-33115100-1337110167_thumb.pn

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