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Please unban Crazyspalding99

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hi, I've been playing on this server for months now and I've got a really good faction that I'm in, today i raided these guys and they had loads of diamonds, and i mean LOADS, anyway i was sticking them in my chest when suddenly i was disconnected when i tried to log back on it says i was banned for x-raying !? i don't even know how to mod mine craft please unban me i really like this server! mine craft name: Crazyspalding99

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Come on please let me join!


You got yourself banned for being such a blatant xray abuser.

Good job missing the warning in our server welcome message. Your ban will be very likely be permanent, although you can still try your luck with an unban topic.

If you really want to get back on the server, buy a new Minecraft account and don't repeat your past mistakes.

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