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[IN-VEH MIX] Server Suggestions

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Well the server is now up and BinSlayer suggested making a topic for any suggestions. Here's the intel I gathered on the server so far:


- Score board

- Wider maps/More more more opportunities (extra vehicles, hidden pickups..)

- Every time a new victim is elected, his health resets (100%) (+ extra health to the victim?)

- Every time a new victim is elected, he cannot be attacked for ~3 seconds (spawn protection)

Reach the Flag

- Longer and wider maps (Like those really long races - Waka Waka/Digital Desert)

Plus narrow maps just don't enable you to ram anybody and they suck altogether.

- Top Times

Capture the Flag

- A bit more variety to vehicle pickups (for ex. bikes and large trucks for fighting; also water maps are quite good/anything with a falling-off-option)

That's all I have for now. Keep it coming!

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In flag maps, something somewhere on the screen that indicates which team you're on.

The server is really nice!

The vehicles are now colored (Red and Blue).

I got another suggestion:

- Decrease the flag droptime to 15 seconds. That way it's actually possible that the flag will make it back to its base.

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What if the team the flag belongs to could pick it up after,lets say, half of the 50 seconds and bring it back to there base. If they don't pick it up it will be returned after the full 50 seconds. And to make sure that no one just drives through the map with it without bringing it back, you could limit the time the player can hold it's own flag, for lets say 30 seconds or something like that. After that he dropps it.

I think this could bring even more fun to the ctf mode.

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Just a heads up for everybody. You can now earn GreenCoins in this server.

"Earning GCs in this server is different from gamemode to gamemode.

For CTF, you can earn 5 GCs if you score 1 point for your team. If you do so, your team mates also get 3 GC.

However, if you die while holding the Flag, you lose 1 GC.

If either team makes 3 points, they get 2 GC per each player

For ManHunt, you can earn GCs by survivng as much as possible. At the end of the map, the longest survivor gets 15 GC. 2nd best gets 10 and 3rd gets 5.

For RTF, you earn 10 GCs if you reach the flag.

For Rewards to be enabled, there must be at least 4 players present in the server! "

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