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Invalid reason of ban MTA


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Hello its me again, =FoX=GODLIKE

You might be tired of this but this time I'm not coming up with some lousy shit

Yeah after I started the topic about power abuse of admins I started to be really hated by admins especially SDK

He always tried to find a reason to ban me, might be caused by a situation when one day I purposely had set him on fire and then ran away so he couldnt catch me and he blowed up calling me ' coward ' I remember that I'm sure he does aswell

Tonight I got on and SDK purposely had changed his name to derek before he joined the game (Im sure he did it for my reason)

he kept egging me on ramming me all the time with lines like "<3 godlike"

Then he set NTS saying ' lets block abit' or something , but I did not block

I had DUMPER in the airport so I felt like waiting in the airport and ram him too ( yes I ran over someone on the way)

He seeing that changed his name to SDK and banned me for 14 days? I think it's a little bit exaggeration, isnt it?

Im sorry but hate to another person shouldnt be a reason to take advantage of every situation to get him banned

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