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banned for xraying even tho im not xraying :S

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so i dunno if a admin/mod was following me but i was digging straight down which not many people do.. this is the way i find diamonds i dig do to around 10-20 y then i dig in lines 1 wide and 2 hieght.. so i was digging down and i dropped in to a dungoen.. i nearly died becoz i was spazing out. im in skype chat and i was like wtf talk about luck nearly died before i could even realise what happend then suddenly i got banned for xray :S its not my fault i acciedently dropped into a dung. i dont hack and if u need proof i can send u my minecraft file or screen share on skype. please consider reading this becoz i liked the server,

unknownv1 is my ingame name

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Lies. Clavus's anti-xray plugin is 99.9999999999999998% spot on every time. Either buy a new minecraft account or go to another server.

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