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Game server: Mr green Surf server

Age: 14 (almost 15) Maybye 2 young but I am very responsible and I have been already admin on another css server.

Reason: I started playing surf on Mr. green, I like the server and the people. ;)

( It's the only Css server where I play one the last time)

Country: Belgium

One little problem: My English is a bit bad. XD

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Ok, I am normal Css player who just plays for fun. I play Css for 2 years and I play one hour or 2 hours every day on mr-green server. I am person who tells a lot of jokes and is friendly, and I am almost the hole evening on xfire so u always can chat or talk to me. And I hate people who cheat and swear or tell joke about decuises.

Grtz, Scream

(xfire: screamieboy)

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