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Stacking potion hacking ! = Guillerasta98

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RL name: Joel

IGN: GokuJrJr

Faction Name: Lonewolves

Hello, for a while now a faction on the minecraft server has been using what seems to be stacks of potions? everytime we fight them they are continuously spamming potions at us one after the other as if they have some sort of potions machine gun. or have them in stacks. which I didn't think was allowed?

anyway we could cope with it for a while but then it just gets a bit unfair and thought i'd catch them in the act and report them to you, i'm not saying i want them band but to at least have the stacks of potions taken off them or something.

The name of the faction is called 'RedCastle' and the main players who are doing it are : 'Guillerasta98' and 'YorkYork'.

and here's the video proof of it:

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