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Guild Wars II: The second Beta cometh!

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Hello Greenies,

As all who are involved will know, the first Beta of GWII was a huge success and gave us a real taste of the game to come!

What did you think of it? What would you have liked to have seen improved?

Well, perhaps some of your desires will have been sated: If you have pre-ordered the game, check your e-mail address, because you're invited to a second beta!

Running for two days, it'll be another chance to sample the next great direction that Left 4 Green is going to take!

Remember to keep us up to date with what you think, how your character is doing and any epic loot that you find!

Good luck, and we'll see you out in the field!



- Our server is Magus Falls, and it's here where the Prodigal Sons guild will be based! DEATH TO ALL COMERS!

- If you haven't already, join our steam group. It's called The Prodigal Guild, and it's going to be the best way to keep up to date with our tom-foolery and get involved!

- The Prodigal Sons is a spin off of Left 4 Green, and will be forming it's own mini-community, whilst staying brutally loyal to L4G: Why not help us get off the ground and watch some of our YouTube videos/ mods? (when they're uploaded of course!)

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Personally i'm going to focus on PVP a bit more this weekend, as I dont want to completely ruin the pve part of the game before its even released (points at Luke)

It'd be nice to play with a few more of you guys, everyone split up for the first event so we have a good idea of the game and controls and everything, so now would be a good time to start working on how the guild systems go and how we can team up without having to arrange things beforehand

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It's my own choice to play PvE as much as I like. Tbh I am the only one on here with about as many hours as you lot put together :L!! No Exams = GW2.

I will be playing WvW a lot this time depending if I want to get my Char to lvl 35 in PvE :D

I am not ruining the game tbh, I will be creating a new Char when the game is officially out. Thrashing PvE early on has it's plus's seeing as I can see what GW2 has to offer early on for each race and class. :P

- Also Saturday afternoon/night I have a presentation about youth work etc... Less time to play :o

- Hardcore fap session between GW2 breaks

- Might actually feed myself and water myself.

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