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Garry's Mod Zombie Server

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1. Your ingame name: Turtle

2. Date of your ban: No Idea

3. What game/server are you banned from: Zombie Server.

4. Who banned you (only if you know who): No Idea

5. Reason why you got banned (only if you know why): No Idea

6. Reason why we should unban you: Well, simply because I have no idea why I was banned =D, I used to play here back in 2011.

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Your Steam ID is in cheaters.cfg (global banning system that Garry Newman implemented)

This means that you are banned from Garry's Mod itself.

If you want to play on this server (and many others*) I suggest you create another steam account and purchase Garry's Mod and CSS.

Oh and don't bother hacking.

*few servers will have this config absent

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