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i know i know the reset is coming so noone wants to waste their precious gc on dias but just incase theres some rich guy out there who feels like buying a few im selling 60 diamonds for some gc (make me an offer)so if you decide you want to go out to the reset with a bucn of diamonds or are just that rich comment an offer (in green coins)


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Duped diamonds? No thank you.

stealing and raiding dias frm people is not duping

Why would someone want to waste green coins when clearly the map is being reset?

Green coins are worth a lot more seeing as the value for diamonds has hit rock bottom like the Greece banking system due to the new MC update.

i realised it and if you could read youd notice that i even mentioned it in the post but i put it up there just in the hope that some really rich guy will come along and go ' ohh dias ima buy these and go crazy with them before the reset'

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