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Admin app. - kronk - MTA:SA Race server


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Gameserver: MrGreen's MTA:SA Race Server

Age: 15

Country of origin: Italy

Link to Steam Community profile : kronk

Minecraft name : kronky

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Well my name is Fabio and I'm Italian, i like to always make new friends, I can keep some humor on the chat but i know when it's time to stop and be serious, and i really enjoy playing on the MTA race server. I started playing on the MTA server some years ago, but then for some reason i went inactive for months. As of now i'm playing again on the server for 1 and more hours a day and i saw that these days not many admins are playing on the server (atleast when I am online) so i decided to make an application to help out the rest of the staff to maintain the server monitored and make sure people have fun :awesome:

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hello good fellas! I managed to buy a cheap internet key but i can't connect to mIRC cause i'm on my father's laptop, i said it on mIRC before going away but i'll say it here too: I'm on vacation, we rented a house at the beach and will be living there til 31 of august. I gotta go now so see you on september! :-)

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I'm sad to announce this but i'm afraid i will have to retire my application, or if Ywa wants, keep my app in "pending" status till half January. Beside school, i am soon going to register to our local Gym and will have to study also for my driving license, i'll give the driving tests after 21 january so i can ride 125cc's so as of now i maybe have only one free hour to play on MTA.

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Yep, not happy to say this but i confirm that I am retiring my application. Too busy atm, maybe in the future i could apply again i don't know.

Thanks for letting us know. Feel free to recreate your app when you think you have time to admin! :)

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