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Levers are crap


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What? You want more content? Reasoning? Well, fine!

Anything you can do with a lever you can do with a bit more effort and a button. Button also look nicer and are easier to both hide and make obvious (depending on the block you place them on). They are also less intrusive in base hallways and are far, far better when creating complex redstone contraptions.

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Compact T Flip-Flop. I will gladly show you how to make one next time I'm on the server.

takes a lot more space while you usually want to hide the redstone wires between some small walls

If you lack the space to send a redstone current upwards, downwards, forwards, backwards, left, or right then chances are that what you're making could use a button anyway. The only time I have ever found myself using a lever is to make a lock because a lever has a visual on/off state. Also, it's called Compact for a reason. The actual device itself takes up only a 10 blocks on an entirely vertical plane. 3 high and 4 wide in the middle and top, 2 at the bottom.

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