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584_Quarantine at Palisades

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Firstly I am new racer of MTA SA :) .

I created a small map and I wanted to show it.

It is a little like free for all map. There are 2 checkpoints. Blue start, red finish.

There is no "not mapped" road to finish. Racers need to find CORRECT road to reach finish.

CORRECT road : There are many fake roads which end with a trap or dead end.

Scenario : Quarantine or Nuclear strike.

Wheater: 19 sandstorm

Photos (sorry but imgur didnt accept photos so I uploaded with map codes to this site): 584 Quarantine.rar

Number of objects (with vehicles) : 150

Note: I am good in mapping but not good in race map moddings so if you want add this map. You need someone to make it because I am not really good at that. :( By the way red arrows are clue (but some of them are fake :D )

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