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Admin Application - nItRo


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Hello im n!tRo and i like to be an admin on the CSS surf server of Mr.Green..

* Where do you live?: Germany, Coburg

* How old are you (DD.MM.YYYY)?

o Answer:18 - 4.4.1991

* Whats your real name?

o Answer:Benedikt

* Whats your ingame name?

o Answer:n!tRo <3*

* Whats your Steam friends name?

o Answer:Freak_en

* How many time do you play a week?

o Answer:uhmm 40 - 70

* Do u have i microphone?

o Answer:Yes but not really working..

*Did you have on any other Server(s) Admin? Yes im still admin on 2 others.. and i know how to use SM admin and normal mani admin plugin..

*If you rate yourself in Photoshop and SourceSDK how many points do you give yourself?: I think in hammer 7-8 and Photoshop : 7

Little something about your self and why are you fit to be an admin: I can be helpfull for guys which they have problems with his pc or something else and i really want to be a helpfull admin on this server.. and I got my own server (12 slots) where i tested out any admin plugin :P.

Hope this thread will be read <3*

I know this is not the official application but i thought this is way better and more detailed :P.

My youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/roflerhatlolgesagt11

-n!tRo <3*




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