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Banned for hacking

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Well, i posted i fieuw weeks/months ago that i was banned but i didn't get an answer...

=> in this topic.

Now i talked to an admin and said i was banned for hacking, i wasn't hacking at all.

I think i know why you are thinking that : i had set a toptimes of 0sec, or maybe more i don't now but it was not much and impossible to do it in that time. when this happened i was still on the map before that one because i got serious coonection problems, a friend sended me a message later that i set a toptime of a fieuw sec. i even didn't saw that.

so i hope i can get unbanned because i wasn't hacking,i swear.

sorry for my bad english and i hope i can get an answer now.

Greetz stijn :)

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