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Make Your Own Yoshi Map!

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A while ago I started on a Vehicle Falls-map in typical Yoshi style. But I'm too lazy to continue it, so I thought it would be cool of someone else did it.

There's two versions, and the start looks like this:

Night version:


Day version:


In singleplayer it may be unclear where you should go, but in multiplayer it should be clear because the spawns are located around the flowerfield. Just drive into the flowerfield and let yourself fall. It may look like you'll fall off into the air but that won't happen.

I got it up to the 3rd checkpoint, which is 20 seconds of gameplay (with a lot of objects).

I want you to continue where I left off and follow these rules:

-Don't move/delete objects I've created please. You can make the roads doublesided to make it easier to see them in editor (you can do this by opening the .map file, press CTRL + H (Find & Replace) and replace doublesided="false" to doublesided="true" to everything), but please leave the objects where they are.

-Don't change the scripts, music, skies, setting, time, whatever... and the most important thing is that lockedtime must be 'true'.

That's all, apart from that you can finish it however you like. You can also bring in your own style. For example, besweeet can make a rollercoaster.

If there are more mappers that want to help, we can also pass the blunt. Like, someone makes the part after my part, then uploads it here, and someone else can make another part and uploads it here, and then someone else finishes it. That way, the map will be made by 4 different people with 4 different styles (but with my music, of course >=D).

Anyway... we'll see. Here they are:

Night Version:


Day Version:


I'm not sure if anyone can download them from here, otherwise download 'em here:

Night version.

Day Version.

Also, if you're done... don't forget to add your name at "Author:"!

EDIT: I forgot!!! It's "Race" now, but you can always change it to "RTF" if you want!

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