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MTA SandySweet banned permanently

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I got banned permanently for 'blocking'a week ago or so.

I wasn't caught in the act It was a middle of the race I think and I suddenly got banned permanently

Yeah sometimes when I get pissed of some noobs smashing into me intentionally I might hunt them to fuck them up back..

I think everyone gets annoyed sometimes over the noobs on the server right ?:)

But really.. permament ban for blocking is a fair punishment? ;/

hackers get banned permanently and I'm not a hacker..

Its been a week and I miss Mr green community and I'd really want you guys to consider unbanning me :)

I promise I won't do anything related to disturbing other players or other blockers/faggots anymore

Greetings Sandy Sweet

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I warned you, I was very clear that if you would block again I would permaban you. For a while it seemed like you learned your lesson and stopped trolling, but you couldn't keep it like that apparently. You got several bans before, let alone kicks and mutes.

Changing your nickname (FOX Godlike) and having another forumaccount doesn't help your case either. You will remain banned until I believe you deserve another chance (not soon).


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i made new account bcuz i forgot the pw for the old one, and it is no secret that i changed my nickname

cmon i know this is personal in this case uve always hated me but ever since ive changed the name i was nice

maybe if it was one time like u said that i blocked, but tbh i dont even remember that

its been two weeks or so and ive learnt my lesson, consider that please


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