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Admin Application [TF2]

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Gameserver:The Team Fortress 2 Payload Fast-Respawn server

Age:17, i'll be 18 this summer

Country of origin:Latvia, But i currently live in Denmark.

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: As said above I'm 17 years old, just your normal teenager with a love for games. Currently i am going to high school finishing my second year and will be entering my third and final year after the summer vacation. I believe that I'm fit to be an admin cause i am very active on your server, and know most of the standard players. Other than that i understand three languages English, Danish and German, also Swedish Norwegian Dutch and some French should not be a big problem. I am also a very fair person, i don't even believe that there is a big need for an admin on this server since most of the people are nice people. But there are times where a few players log on just to annoy people, and i believe these players should be handled accordingly.

As for prior admin experience, i don't really posses any however i am a fast learner and i believe that i can handle my job in a perfectly just way.

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