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Jonteenz - Ban Appeal


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1. My ingame name is Jonteenz

2. I got banned for maybe 6 months ago, can't remember really how long ago I got banned.

3. I got banned from the server play.minecraft.nl and that's a (epic) server in Minecraft.

4. Can't remember it exactly but I think it was something like Corby.

5. Can't remember but I used cheats back then so it could've been x-ray or forcefield...

6. I can give you couple of reasons why I should be unbanned. First, I've been banned for a veeeery long time now and I do want to come back since this server is almost as good as Chuck Norris if he was a server. Second, I've quit using cheats in Minecraft since I want to live old school again and this server doesn't have like mcmmo and other shit then PvP. The server is awesome and I really enjoy it so now adays I understand how much I could have ruined for legit players. Sorry 'bout that and I can guarantee you it wont happen again in your company.

Thx /Jonteenz

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