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Guild Wars II: Cometh the Hour

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It's almost here

In fact, many of us have already walked the beautiful lands of Tyria: It already feels like home

If you've been playing, How's it going? Show us a picture!

We, That's the Guild masters/ Officers of our little MR.G/PS Collaboration are looking forward to the great and mighty gathering of players, that's you, and are ready to divide and conquer!

Currently the Guild system is a little... broken, but as soon as it is possible, we will form and do the necessities, after that, it's up to you guys to help us to greatness

Our allies will bow before us, our enemies shall know us by the banner we leave impaled into their ranks, We are the next generation of bad asses!

Sign up, join in, and let's fight some Dragon!

We'll see you out in the field


*Remember to join our steam group to keep updated!

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So... Since I have been playing this massively time consuming non grinding MMORPG known as Guildwars 2 I have taken some nice screen shots to show you guys what an awesome game this is visually and not forgetting how awesome it is with combat also. I would just like to say to those that haven't got it....


As I was saying, yes this game offers so much content to those from all background of gaming. Frizzy being one of those people that really hasn't got on with MMORPG's or RPG's is really enjoying himself with the guild.

We have set up a new guild which is fully working now apart from the odd glitch every so often with accepting new people in and changing their ranks, but it looks snazzy from here on now. Come online and join us.






post-6221-0-21799200-1346207514_thumb.jp Got one of the rarest dye's already ( Minky ;) )

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