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Hello Mr Green

I'm Dan, I've been working on Voice support for MTA. I understand Mr Green uses Voice quite a lot, so it presents a nice opportunity for a 'help me help you' situation.

Firstly, I've spent some time working on the 'stuck voice' bug, where a player's voice would be stuck indefinitely and you could no longer here from him. I'm not 100% sure if this is fixed, and need some of you guys to try a beta build of the MTA client (fully compatible with all servers etc). Plase let me know if this seems to be fixed. You can download this build here:


Now, this part is for the users and the admins of Mr Green. After briefly scrolling through this forum I noticed that the lack of support for personal mute is an annoyance. Voice always supported this, but never exposed any GUI or commands to achieve this. I'm pleased to let you know that there are now two ways of muting players. The first is to click the Voice icon in the scoreboard:


The second is two new commands: 'mutevoice <player>', and 'unmutevoice <player>'. In both methods muted players will be saved permanently by their nickname until you unmute - this means if you leave the server or encounter the jackass in another server he'll still be muted (providing that server has up to date resources).

For the new muting functionality to be enabled, i require the Mr Green server admins to upgrade their copies of the scoreboard and voice resources, which are available in the latest resources pack.

Lastly, if you guys have any feature requests for Voice support, now's probably the time to request them. I don't have a lot of time these days, and I wish i could do loads more, but if there are any pressing issues I'll look into them if I can.

Happy playing, and I would massively appreciate some feedback over these changes!

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