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Unban alessandro100


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The Ingame Name: alessandro100

Date of the ban: 17/09/2012

What game/server are the account is banned from:

The game: Minecraft,

The server: server.minecraft.nl

Who banned the account: Corby

Reason why the account got banned: Forcefield

Reason why we should unban the account:

I think it was just lag because alessandro100's head never turned, and as known forcefield makes your head turn or else nocheat/nocheatplus/anticheat would have stopped it.

It is possible that alessandro100 standed there, the player filming had a client side lag while alessandro100 was hitting him to keep him of and the client received the data from the server directly after each other at the exact moment he was jumping on alessandro100 and then alessandro100 ran further.

I hope alessandro100 gets unbanned because this was his favorite server.

An excuse for any possible spelling mistake in this unban topic.

This unban topic is made by a dutch thirteen year old kid.

Greetings from AliasAr

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