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Enderpearl Glitching


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Okay, so Enderpearl glitching has been removed.

In the past, how did you glitch into someone's base using them?

People used to always glitch into our base, no matter how thick the roof was. It was after we killed them that it stopped ;).

So.... Since it's gone.. I'm SO curious as to how people did it.


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They used to throw them right in front of their feets right in front of a door, and then they got teleported into the door so that they could walk through it. There might have been other ways to use them too, but that's the way I used to use them.

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Since the pearls are TO overpowered.

Even walls and ceiling wont stop enderpearls.

I've known times I could glitch true 5 thick roofs get out of a 80 block deep pit glitch true walls ..

I know, raiding has become impossible but there's and easy solution:

allow lava mountains that aren't heigher than 25 blocks for raiding purposes only.

If a lava mountain is used for anything else this would be bannable.

Yes it's not that easy to monitor but I think it's something we should try out.

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Your wrong math. enderpearl glitches cant even be used through walls anymore. somehow it just wont go through. (atleast not the way i used to do it)

Edit: Just made some serious pearl testing in 1.4

its possible to get through. but its not working very well

also. the problem about this enderpearl restrictions isnt that you cant glitch. its that you cant use them to get out of traps or to get out of small holes, if your to close to it that is. which sucks.

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