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Admin Application - coolerchiller (aka. Chiller)


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Gameserver: MTA

Age: 17

Country of origin: Austria

Link to Steam Community profile *: coolerchiller1

Minecraft name **: N/A

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Well, I am a 17 year old boy and most of the time I am very polite and friendly. I am living in Vienna the very beautiful medium sized capital of Austria. I visit the 10th grade of a nice Gymasium in Vienna. I always observe all rules and follow every order. I speak five languages and most of them pretty good: German as my mother tongue, English and I am still learning French and Italian. My hobbies are quite the same of every other person in my age. I really enjoy playing Soccer with my friends and I also love having a tennis match. Another very exciting hobby from me is testing my flying skills in a real flight simulator which is normally only made for airline pilots improving their procedures. In the cold season of the year I am skiing in an Austrian racing team. In my free time often play video games like MTA. I am also good at normal computer activities like Excel, Word and Sony Vegas. Some months ago I made a Video about GTA and MTA. So, Now you got some information’s about me and my real life.

Why do I want to become admin? And some reason why you should accept me.

There are many reason why you should accept me as admin but I only want to point out the most important ones. First of all I want to say that I am a very helpful and friendly player who is always telling the truth. I am also interested in improving my racing skills all the time. I am very active and I love helping people to get out of tricky situations.

Another reason is that I am mostly playing when there is no other admin online which means that I can help out in those empty hours.

Sincerely, Chiller

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