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Banned for xray!


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I was banned for xray. :(

I do not know why because I was afk in the river and Farmed xp.

I was playing on singelpalyer when I was afk. When I went in on the server and take xpen I was banned for xray when I was coming up the stairs.

I think it's because I raided and mined some dia ores.

Minecraft name: robbi_pvp

Banned: 16/11/2012

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Since this isn't in the right section I take my freedom to reply (You should post an unban appeal here)

Diamond blocks are not registered as diamond ores, and as far as I know diamond ores are the only thing that trigger Clavus' magic plugin. Now, there're 2 options:

-You lied, which is most likely

-The X-Ray plugin has banned over 750 players who weren't guilty.

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