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The Walking Dead


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The game and the comic book have some Characters switched over but both the TV and game differ from the comic in different aspects.

I think the game is absolutely brilliant and I dont see why everyone doesn't like it, just because its not some fast paced FPS game...

Also, the final episode is released tomorrow! Can't wait :)


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Nice screenie minky :D

I agree with the theories said in this video.

I think she takes the group of prisoners to Savannah where she hunts down Lee and the gang in attempt to kill her.

Depending on how you left her it will determine her feelings when she meets you. AKA giving her a second chance

her mood will be better with you. But if you left her she'll be mad at you.

Anyway guys who did you pick?

Carly or Doug?

I picked Doug because I don't like confessing the secret about Lee being a killer and Carly almost makes you tell everyone. Also when the moto inn gets raided by bandits Doug's warning device works a treat.

Minky your picture is interesting because the zombies in the background are facing away you can tell by looking at their trousers. This means there is someone else fighting them off? Maybe Molly?

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