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Please unban me


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1.Gamerguy23456 is my in game name.

2.Dec 6 2012 is the date of my ban.

3.Server.Minecraft.nl is the server i was banned from

4.I dont know who banned me.

5.Apparently I was X-Raying.

6.my reason to be unbanned is because this is my favorite server and the one my friends go on. And i was

not hacking.It is also the only server that i go on and its the oldest one ive gone on.Being banned on this server makes

me so sad because i miss the raiding already and i was struggling so hard to find a faction and just a few days after i do im banned and now i need to start all over again on some other server.

Please Unban me Clavus! Gamerguy23456

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