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1. [sGA]7ucker

2. 1.5 years ago

3. I banned on Mr.Green MTA race server

4. cookie

5. my FPS higher than normal

6. I'm sorry. i used program for increase FPS...

I am so sorry. I was playing unfair.

I have not played for a long time :(

And learned a lesson that you need to play fair!

Please unban me i anymore never use programs ;(

Give me one last chance please//

I used the program: Xspeed. Anymore dont woking in MTA!

and i want play fair!!

I beg you just give me a chance!

you see, I honestly changed.

So after your ban I have not played for a long time.

i was playning in samp!

But now i back and want play on your server! :hi:

Upon my word I am very sorry please give me a chance!

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