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pincponcBAIboule bai 0_0 you ar the best noob . i dont care your shit ban si inca ceva sunteti o adunatura de prostii aici tu si toti cei lalti playeri . PLZ GIVE MME BAN PERMANENT HERE FORUM end SERVER i dont care :D

You're funny, these are not ways to request explanations from an administrator to know what happened and why are you banned.

First of all, you will have your permanent ban, you are nobody for insult an admin. And, if you didn't know, anything or program that stand above the rest and more advantage is considered a CHEAT.

Some players already did that with that program and we banned them until they stop doing that.

If you DON'T CARE, we are okay with that.

So calm down, and please learn some english, or atleast use a translator...

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