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Roskilde Introdution

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Hello guys, i wanted to make a introdution about me.. So here it is.


Your In-Game name: Roskilde (old nick Sivas)

Real name: Mikail Çevik

Age: 17

Country: Denmark

MTA Career:

I started to play mta 4 years ago, in red n blue server with my friend.
I had a cousin who was playing mta with me and teaching me, how to play MTA and that..
Yeah i was aldready playing GTA and know that stuff but... Then after 1 year i started to play in Mr. Green i think it was, with my Cousin there i played around 1 year and then i went to a server called MTA-TR.com it was a Turkish server, with all guys from Turkey were.
I was known as Sivas there and was started to map with a friend called "Turan" he teached me how to map.
And i started to do some DD maps and then i started to do some DM maps..
I was been popular, with my maps and started to map with "Alba aka Albatros" he was the best (4 me) I had mapped around 1 year and was popular, then i thinked about chaning my nick to "Roskilde" who was the City i live in.. Aldready after 1 mounth i was a bit popular with tha nick, and got many friends. And i heard about a clan called FDC ( Fearles Drivers Club ) was opened and i wanted to try my luck about joining the clan.
Alba was an leader there with Invinsible, i played there around 1 week. It wasn't a server like that was thinking about. And i was back to MTA-TR,
and MTA 1.1 was realeased now there was many Professionel servers.
And TG, SHC, FFS was opened i was playing at SHC a little time and i wanted to join the clan. But i joined KPZ, i saw very good friends ex. Ravolt, TheChosen & Undisputed.. After some months i leaved tha clan.
After some time KPZ was closed and Ravolt had been invited to Pink and SHC, he were asking me and some friends about which clan he wanted to join, self i said SHC and he joined it. After some time i wanted to join SHC too cuz they were searching some pro members, and i was thinking about i can join the clan. But after some time it was down.
Cuz Sniper wanted to be an ffs member (i think) And i joined DTR, and Emp because i had some friends in the clans and leaved them..! And i found FOTL with my friend, my dream was to join FOTL 2 years ago, and i did it after 1,5 year. After some weeks i decided to leave it because of problems i had.
My new task will be to join pS, and help the clan really much, i have many friends in the clan..

Now i play sometimes at the Mr.Green Race server, and wish i can get some friends and etc there..


Your previous clan(s):

FOTL, SLC, SoH, tbb, ASG (i cant remember other)




How to contact you:

I can be contacted via Skype, MSN and ICQ (i dont use msn so much)
Skype: Mikail40001
MSN: [email protected]
ICQ: I dont know where to see it biggrin.png

Best Regards..
Roskilde! (Mikail Çevik)

Edited by Roskilde
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